With Great Architectures Commercial Lighting of Simon Electric Reload

In July, Simon Group announced that Commercial Lighting would be fully introduced into China. The launch event was held in Hai¡¯an. As the new directionof 2017, commercial lighting is the strategic move for Simon China to continue its adventure and to make new breakthrough. It is also an important force to reach new cooperation in China market. The event, named "D-Day", was started with a uniform show and a gun ceremony to announce the full landing of Commercial Lighting in the China market.

The event was highly focused by Simon Group, Mr. Esteban Bretcha Palacios, the Business Unit Director(China-India) of Simon Group, delivered an important speech during the meeting. He fully affirmed the excellent achievements of Simon Chinain the first half of the year, and emphasized the commercial lighting would play an important role inthe future development of Simon China.He also said Simon would consolidate the leading position with more innovation and design productsincludingtwo core businesses of switch and lighting. Furthermore, the new Scenasystem and the smart home system are expected to bring changes for Simon China to create more values and surprises for Simon Group.

To launch the commercial lightings, Simon China has made full preparations for the product line, marketing strategy and channel construction. During the press conference, Mr. Gonzalo Batista Guerrero,Director of International Business Department and Assistant to General Manager, made a detailed introduction regarding the commercial lightingproject. He said Simon Group has evident advantage in commercial lighting business. The Group decided to launch the products of Scena and RCU in China market is due to its confidence and trust in China market.Compared withthe traditional lighting control system in the building control system, Scena system focuses on lighting control and environmental effects construction. The reason why Simon introduced it into China is to bring Chinese users the integrated solution including switch panel, RCU, commercial lighting products and thelighting control system. It¡¯s believed that Simon China has made the preparations to bring more enjoyment to Chinese users and bring more projects and opportunities to the company.

Commercial lighting is one of the main businesses of Simon. The lighting project of Simon started in 1922 and it has almost 100 yearshistory of manufactory. To make full use of its own technical advantage in R&D and testing, Simon Group set up the professional testing laboratory in Spain and China withprofessional teams of optical design, structural design and thermal designand hundreds of precision optical instruments and thermal testing equipment in order to create personalized, humanized, high-stability, functional and high-quality lighting products in the field of commercial lighting.

So far, Simon has established five lighting manufacturing centers in Barcelona Spain, Hai¡¯anChina, Zhongshan China, Brazil and Mexico. Products has covered more than 2000 SKUs of 30 series, 33 appearance patents, 32 utility model patents and3 invention patentstomeet the diversification and specializationdemands of market and consumers with the continuous professional and innovative spirit.

At the same time, the lighting projects of Simon cover Europe, Asia, America and other countries and regions. They provide the customers withprofessional lighting solutions and quality service and gained wide recognition and reputation.

As the launch event held, the Commercial Lighting business of Simon will quickly expand in the Chinese market.Simon will have more opportunities to build cooperation, to create greater values for society and industry andto provide more high-quality services for the customers.

New century, new start. Simon commercial lighting business is grandly reloaded, with all the great architectures!

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