Exploring the Future Development in Innovation

During October 8 to11, 2017, the management expansion conference of Simon Electric was held in Crowne Plaza Shanghai Harbour City. Alldirectors and management professionals attended the meeting.

2017 is the starting point of Simon's new centenary journey.How to maintain sustainable growth and improve competitiveness,with the coming opportunities and challenges, became the most critical topic. It is believed that Innovation is the soul of the company. It is the driving force of the continuous development for the company. Only innovation can help the company grasp the opportunity in the fierce competition and win the initiative, and always maintain vigorous vitality.

With suchunderstanding, the theme of the meeting has been determined before the conference, and a professional training institutionwas invited to conductan innovation training: innovation leadership¨Chow to create innovative organization for the attendants. Management teamwas inspired by the course content. And, the theme creative painting was impressive. By the end of two-day training, the framework of Simon¡¯s innovation construction has taken shape.

Products are the life of a company. How can we further innovate and develop products? The conference combined innovative with brainstorming to discuss the topic of "what do you think of the future of family intelligence?" Participants were divided into five groups to express their ideal future family intelligent application through the way of scene simulation whichinspired Simonto step closer to family intelligent development.

This conference further clarified Simon¡¯s future innovation direction and path, which was a landmark of management expansion conference. In order to develop sustainable, only with the consciousness of crisis, good mentality and optimizing resource integration, can Simon maintain the sustainable development strengths, and gain momentum again.

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