Mr. Alberto Carnero, Spanish Ambassador to China, visited Simon China

On May 21st, Mr. Alberto Carnero, the Spanish Ambassador to China, made a special visit to Simon China. This was the first stop of his trip to Shanghai after his official on boarding. Mr. Esteban Bretcha, International Business Director of Simon Holding (China and India), Mr. Zhu Jianguo, President of Simon Asia Pacific Management Center and the Chairman of the Board of Simon China and Mr. Zhang Renyu, General Manager of Simon China, accompanied the visit.

At 10:00, Simon Shanghai Hongqiao Design Experience Center took the lead in welcoming Ambassador Carnero. Mr. Zhu Jianguo, made a sincere welcome to the arrival of the ambassador on behalf of the company, accompanied the company's design experience center and reviewed the development of Simon Electric in the past 100 years.

At 10:30, Ambassador Carnero went to the Simon China Management Center in Hongqiao Vanke Center for a further visit and a brief meeting.

Ambassador Carnero said that Simon Electric as a well-known name brand in Spain is now able to achieve great attention and reputation in the Chinese market, which is the success of Simon Electric internationalization operation as well as a model for enterprises to establish in the process of economic and cultural exchanges between China and Spain.

On the meeting, Ambassador Carnero made an inscription for Simon China solemnly, hoping that Simon Electric could illuminate the world through more diversified products, and wished Simon China to have greater achievements in the future.

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