Simon Electric: Technology creates intelligent life and redefines high-level smart hotel

On 25-27th April, 2019 Shanghai International Hotel Supplies Expo (Phase II) and Shanghai International Hotel Supplies, Engineering, Design and Commercial Space Series Exhibition were held at Shanghai New International Expo Center.

Simon Electric's three-in-one exhibition plan of switch, lamp and control system was interpreted around "Light, Art and Intelligence" in the exhibition, showing more possibilities in intelligent life of hotel and home.

Meanwhile, Simon Electric, as one of the main sponsors of Hotel Plus sample room appreciation, won the special contribution award of the industry, leading the intelligent future to redefine the value of space.

The 2019 Shanghai International Hotel Supplies Expo is the 7th exhibition of Simon Electric. In each exhibition, Simon Electric would put forward new concepts and different ideas, lead users to experience the sensory art of different imagination, and let the art and culture of the hotel penetrate into every inch.

Simon Electric is always on the way forward, with dreams and passion for a hundred year to bring innovative solutions to the market. Generations of employees of Simon have poured their painstaking efforts and enthusiasm into the original power of changing the world in a complicated way. The thoughts on lifestyle and life attitude flow in every product and run through every moment of work and life.

That's the change Simon is looking forward to bringing to the world -- Light Up Emotions! Create intelligent life with science and technology, redefine the value of space!

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