SHARED WANTS AND SHARED FUTURE -Simon Electric Kicking off 2019 CIIE with intelligent technology

Simon Electric, the Spanish Centennial Brand, made a brilliant presenting with 11 core strategic products at the 2nd CHINA INTERNATIONAL IMPORT EXPO£¨CIIE£© on Nov. 5, 2019. As a representative of global technology enterprises, Simon Electrics intelligent totally solution which is integrating switch, lighting and intelligent control system presents the latest scientific and technological innovation achievements on the world-class platform of the Expo. Furtherly£¬it shows Simon¡¯s vision and determination of being based in Chinese market and enabling the global development.

Simon Electric has been in China for 20 years and is the representative of the popular exhibition brand in the first CIIE. Participating in the Expo for two consecutive years shows Simon Electric's not only high attention, but also the determination of long-term development to the Chinese market. As a brand representative of economic communication between China and the West, Simon Electric will keep focusing on the Chinese market, deeply studying the needs of Chinese consumers and representing the more possibilities of future life to the world. Let¡¯s share the wants and share the future together!

Let¡¯s share the wants and share the future together!

Author£ºSimon¡¡¡¡Source£ºSimon¡¡¡¡Date£º2019/11/22 11:36:02